Thursday, May 7, 2009

Let's go Cubbies!

So yesterday,

I went to the Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants game and it was sooo much fun! I sat in the bleachers but not as close to the field as I wanted to because I only got there like 15 mins before the started. And albeit the Cubbies lost, I had the most fun! I went with my brother, some of his friends and my cousin, Mayra. I had a foot long bratwurst and mmmmmm, it was yummy! The game was super fun filled BUT some total duche had to ruin the game for us. Ok so there was this guy, mighty old I might add, and he was like taking pictures of pure girls without them looking and boob shots when they weren't looking! Ugh how disgusting. And there was this one time where he asked his friend to take a picture of him and really he wanted a pic of the girls behind us and like the camera was pointing like 12 inches to the left of him, super obvious!!! And the girls noticed too and their boyfriends didn't say anything. So then he asks me if he can take a picture of me and my cousin and I said hell no! I told him you should be ashamed of yourself! And we got into an argument and I got super heated and stood up. I don't even know how far I would have gone really lol. My brother got up and had me sit back down and told the guy to calm down before he kicked his ass! lol And then the boyfriends of the girls behind us stood up too! Yeah so I almost started in all out brawl! lol So obviously it was in his best interest to leave and he tried to come back and ask for forgiveness. But overall it was fun. And then we went for yummy yummy Hooters food :) 

Sorry I couldn't flip this pic :( Anyhoo this is my cousin Mayra and I :)

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  1. Whoa, what jerks!! Cute pic!! Glad you had fun! :)