Thursday, May 7, 2009

NYX Wishlist

Wow NYX is having a 50% sale for their 10 year anniversary and well oh my oh my I want to get everything! Especially the already sale items are 75% off! I am going to get lipsticks, lipglosses, eye shadows (keeping it to a minimum) and blushes!!!

The wishlist will come soon but in the meantime tell me yours :) 

Let's go Cubbies!

So yesterday,

I went to the Chicago Cubs vs. San Francisco Giants game and it was sooo much fun! I sat in the bleachers but not as close to the field as I wanted to because I only got there like 15 mins before the started. And albeit the Cubbies lost, I had the most fun! I went with my brother, some of his friends and my cousin, Mayra. I had a foot long bratwurst and mmmmmm, it was yummy! The game was super fun filled BUT some total duche had to ruin the game for us. Ok so there was this guy, mighty old I might add, and he was like taking pictures of pure girls without them looking and boob shots when they weren't looking! Ugh how disgusting. And there was this one time where he asked his friend to take a picture of him and really he wanted a pic of the girls behind us and like the camera was pointing like 12 inches to the left of him, super obvious!!! And the girls noticed too and their boyfriends didn't say anything. So then he asks me if he can take a picture of me and my cousin and I said hell no! I told him you should be ashamed of yourself! And we got into an argument and I got super heated and stood up. I don't even know how far I would have gone really lol. My brother got up and had me sit back down and told the guy to calm down before he kicked his ass! lol And then the boyfriends of the girls behind us stood up too! Yeah so I almost started in all out brawl! lol So obviously it was in his best interest to leave and he tried to come back and ask for forgiveness. But overall it was fun. And then we went for yummy yummy Hooters food :) 

Sorry I couldn't flip this pic :( Anyhoo this is my cousin Mayra and I :)

Hey Y'all

Yes I'm back! lol I am actually up studying for an exam. And work is going good so far! Yesterday I had the day off and today also :) I was a little bummed today that it was my last day for Chicago Public School After School Programs. The kiddies were so much fun and today was a pizza party! Yay! It was so much fun! I had a blast with them playing in the playground. I am going to miss them! Is it bad that I'm supposed to be studying but I'm on my blog and watching my novela hehehe...

Hmmm onto make my other posts :) 

My biggest disappointment:

I didn't get My Pretty Pink Box for May :(

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

My Pretty Pink Box!!

Ok are you guys as excited as I am for the latest My Pretty Pink Box! Ok if you guys don't know what this is, it is literally a pretty pink box lol. It is a box filled with beauty samples from differnt companies and every month they include at least, I think two full size products so yay for that!!! I'm really excited for this month's box! And they are not expensive! They are like around $20 with shipping! They also have the smaller bags and are cheaper but if you can try to order the box :) And there is a limit as to how many you can order at one time to be fair :) I loooove these and can't for them for each month! They will be sold tomorrow April 8, 2009. But it is very very important that you order one the exact hour that they start selling because they sometimes will run out in an hour!! Can you believe it! I know neither can I! So tomorrow they start selling at 7am Pacific Time, so for me Central time that means 9am! Early start huh!?!?! Can't wait to order mine and I hope that you will too!!!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Prescriptive Mother's Day Free Shipping and Gifts!

Prescriptives will be giving away free shipping in honor of Mother's Day :) There are special gifts you can make with Prescriptives items :) Check check it out!

Urban Decay 30% off!

Urban Decay has their Friends and Family event going on now :) It's going to run from April 6-17. So that will give me time to order some UDPP :) Enjoy ladies :) 


Sooo ::sigh:: I have been talking with the T-Mobile peeps for about three weeks now and I think they are finally! going to tell me my start date and what not. I have been to three different interviews with three different people and they're all we really like you and I would like to have you in the company...blah blah blah... and now I got word to call tomorrow early so I am signing off and getting some zzz's because I want to be up and alert to see if I can finally have an answer!!! Geesh wish me luck babes!!! 

Keep you posted mañana!!!

Clinque Moisture Surge!

Okay so I know that this is a product that came out waaay back and there's another out there called Youth Surge but I just can't say enough nice things about this gel! Yes, it is a gel! So the other day, I tried a new product to help "clear breakouts" well it just broke me out and made my skin so dry! So I guess the product was just too strong for my skin. Lately, it just seems like my skin is becoming more sensitive than it used to be! It's so frustrating because even as a teenager, I really didn't have a problem with acne. But anyhoo, I think it just has to do with the weather because I haven't been taking care of it as much as I used to. But anyhoo, so I bought this gel because I know that it works wonders! I just love this gel sooo much and I can't tell you guys enough of it! So if you guys ever get dry skin or patches for whatever reason, this will definitely help you! The price is a little steep but I got the travel size from eBay and it wasn't too bad, price wise. The travel size has lasted me so far about two weeks :) 

My Prep+Prime Skin Refined Zone...Does It Work?

So I did end up getting this new Prep+Prime Product and so far I do think that it works! I am barely going to have a week using this product and I did see my pores smaller in the first days because I was using it the way that I should be. This weekend, I really didn't use it as I should have but I will again start using it right this week so I will of course re-post my results then. :) I also say MakeupByRenRen's review of the Prep+Prime products and I will get the setting powder once I have more $ :) Anyhoo, I will keep you guys updated on this product :)

Monday, April 6, 2009

So I have big news! lol I am now the Twitter girl for! I posted up a vid on it a couple of days ago so you might already know. If you guys don't don't know what is, you guys should check it out and register. It is a forum based website kind of like I personally like better because it is waaay more user friendly, people swap more items, and the sales are cheaper! lol I don't know I just think that a lot of people sell their items more expensive than they should on specktra. But anyhoo, this is the vid I made with bloopers :) 

ELF Haul

I didn't feel like describing each product in detail through this blog because I already have a YouTube Video with it so enjoy :) 

Don't forget to subscribe :)

Thursday, April 2, 2009

MAC Colour Ready Collection

Ok ladies! 

So tomorrow I am going to the MAC store and I am going to check it out! For the most part everything is permanent whether PRO or not.. I will post tomorrow with the exact products and whether they are permanent or not! I will take notes tomorrow when I go :) So look for it tomorrow :) 


Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm back!!

Okay so I know I have totally been neglecting my blog and my finals were alright and so was spring break. Well I didn't do much except work and relax for my spring break and it sucked! lol This is my first year not going anywhere on vacation for spring break but I need to save scrilla :/ lol But anyhoo I'm gonna try to finish all of my reviews by tomorrow morning. It's just that YouTube is updating or idk what but I can't upload. I already did my ELF Haul video and I have to do my SugarSweet dupes video... But anyhoo I'm waking up early tomorrow to do some stuff around the house and I will do a video! I don't really work tomorrow I just have to pick my check even though it won't be enough lol 

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NYX Sale!

Sooo NYX is having a lot sale. 

The first item includes 5 NYX trios and 8 lip glosses with mega shine. The glosses are in some pretty weird colors lol. Like there are two purples and a black? lol Hmm... The colors are nice but I am more into bright colors so I skipped on this deal. But guess what?!? The retail price is $80 and the sale price is $16!!!! 

Item 2 is 30 lipstick shades for only 24 bucks! Hello! lol So that's less than a dollar a lipstick! The reason that I didn't get this is one is because some of the shades aren't really my thing. I was like eehhh about so many browns. I was thinking that I could buy them for the cute pinky colors and the nudes and sell the rest to my cousin but she was like iffy about them too and since I am on a budget, I just said no.

Item 3 is my favorite and the one that I got! Ok so you might not believe this 43 eye shadows for 43 bucks!!!! It has like mattes, frosts, shimmer, and some metallics... I liked the colors and I knew I couldn't pass up on this deal! 

Item 4 are 8 spray on body shimmers for $4.80. Meh I don't use those but it's still a good deal. 

So I bought the item and it was like 50 bucks with shipping. Shipping was like $9.50 or something. I said yikes! But it's probably because it might be heavier. But I will give an update when I get it :) 

So check it out! 

I should be studying but I'm on here lol. But I had to upload this entry before I forgot lol. I am going to the MAC store tomorrow and I need a new palette and I will only limit myself to ONE thing from the grand duo and the sugar sweet collections.

Adios Amigas!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Online Deals!!!

So I got like twenty emails last night and I have a few favorites:

Charlotte Russe is having 25% off except sales but hey it's cheap regardless :) I love that store!

March 17-19:
Bobbi Brown:
25% off plus free shipping with code INSTANT

Valid through March 21, 2009.
Buy 1 get one free eye makeup on select brands plus the famous $3.50 off of a $10+ purchase with code 29056 

March 16 -21, 2009 has a free shipping plus 30% off sale! with code FRIEND9....I picked up the new flawless face primer and it only came out to be about 20 bucks! Can't beat that :) 

Whoops! I almost forgot has the 96 eyeshadow palette back! Get it before it's gone again :) I wish I would have known that before I made my order on my magnets :/

Plus Vanessa over at has a special for you ladies! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome Amigas!!!!

Hello amigas!!!!

So this is my first official post and I'm so excited to start this blog and meet new people on here! I am really open to new things and I hope to grow as a person and a makeup lover on here! The funny thing is that the way that I got into looking into makeup blogs and websites was through Makeup by RenRen. That girl can do makeup! And she just seems like a true makeup artist with great ideas and the skills to make those makeup visions happen! One time I googled something to do with like Mac Makeup blue green look and her video, MAC Makeup: Blue Green Tropical Eyes came up so I said what the heck let me watch this and it was a great look! I absolutely adored it. So I definitely want to give a shout out to my girl RenRen. 

It's so funny that I never really wore makeup before until I started to get tight with my cousin/bestie from Sacramento. She is such a good makeup artist and she will soon be moving to Chicago to be with me! lol And because she wanted a change of scenery for awhile. Anyhoo, I was just thrown away at how good of an artist she is and all the wonders you could do with makeup! And just recently, late last year I started to wear foundation! Funny huh? I started with mineral makeup because I just wanted something that wouldn't be too much cover. Ugh
I just hate that caked on look but I just loved it. And now I'm just ready to make some new looks and review both high and low end brands. I always do search for those sales and bargains girlies!!!

A little bit about myself? Well I am a 20 year old Mexicana living in Chicago :) I am a third year university student and I really love school! I, of course do have those moments when I am just fed up with it all but I love learning from textbooks and just the people around me :) I am also an after school tutor for Chicago Public Schools and I love it! I love kids and I am planning on becoming a high school teacher while going to law school! So watch out in 10 years, I might be a famous lawyer! lol 

So I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear from you!!!! This will be a blog that we can interact and help each other grow. Please don't leave any hater comments or come on here to be a big meanie! There's no need for that. So let's be nice and grow together! :) 

Adios chicas!!!!