Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I'm back!!

Okay so I know I have totally been neglecting my blog and my finals were alright and so was spring break. Well I didn't do much except work and relax for my spring break and it sucked! lol This is my first year not going anywhere on vacation for spring break but I need to save scrilla :/ lol But anyhoo I'm gonna try to finish all of my reviews by tomorrow morning. It's just that YouTube is updating or idk what but I can't upload. I already did my ELF Haul video and I have to do my SugarSweet dupes video... But anyhoo I'm waking up early tomorrow to do some stuff around the house and I will do a video! I don't really work tomorrow I just have to pick my check even though it won't be enough lol 

1 comment:

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