Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Clinque Moisture Surge!

Okay so I know that this is a product that came out waaay back and there's another out there called Youth Surge but I just can't say enough nice things about this gel! Yes, it is a gel! So the other day, I tried a new product to help "clear breakouts" well it just broke me out and made my skin so dry! So I guess the product was just too strong for my skin. Lately, it just seems like my skin is becoming more sensitive than it used to be! It's so frustrating because even as a teenager, I really didn't have a problem with acne. But anyhoo, I think it just has to do with the weather because I haven't been taking care of it as much as I used to. But anyhoo, so I bought this gel because I know that it works wonders! I just love this gel sooo much and I can't tell you guys enough of it! So if you guys ever get dry skin or patches for whatever reason, this will definitely help you! The price is a little steep but I got the travel size from eBay and it wasn't too bad, price wise. The travel size has lasted me so far about two weeks :) 

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  1. I was thinking about trying this. My skin used to be normal/combination and now it's so dry. I might just pick some of this up when I'm at the mall tomorrow. Thanks for the review.