Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NYX Sale!

Sooo NYX is having a lot sale. 

The first item includes 5 NYX trios and 8 lip glosses with mega shine. The glosses are in some pretty weird colors lol. Like there are two purples and a black? lol Hmm... The colors are nice but I am more into bright colors so I skipped on this deal. But guess what?!? The retail price is $80 and the sale price is $16!!!! 

Item 2 is 30 lipstick shades for only 24 bucks! Hello! lol So that's less than a dollar a lipstick! The reason that I didn't get this is one is because some of the shades aren't really my thing. I was like eehhh about so many browns. I was thinking that I could buy them for the cute pinky colors and the nudes and sell the rest to my cousin but she was like iffy about them too and since I am on a budget, I just said no.

Item 3 is my favorite and the one that I got! Ok so you might not believe this 43 eye shadows for 43 bucks!!!! It has like mattes, frosts, shimmer, and some metallics... I liked the colors and I knew I couldn't pass up on this deal! 

Item 4 are 8 spray on body shimmers for $4.80. Meh I don't use those but it's still a good deal. 

So I bought the item and it was like 50 bucks with shipping. Shipping was like $9.50 or something. I said yikes! But it's probably because it might be heavier. But I will give an update when I get it :) 

So check it out! 

I should be studying but I'm on here lol. But I had to upload this entry before I forgot lol. I am going to the MAC store tomorrow and I need a new palette and I will only limit myself to ONE thing from the grand duo and the sugar sweet collections.

Adios Amigas!

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  1. thanks for letting us know about the sale. i can't wait for your reviews.