Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome Amigas!!!!

Hello amigas!!!!

So this is my first official post and I'm so excited to start this blog and meet new people on here! I am really open to new things and I hope to grow as a person and a makeup lover on here! The funny thing is that the way that I got into looking into makeup blogs and websites was through Makeup by RenRen. That girl can do makeup! And she just seems like a true makeup artist with great ideas and the skills to make those makeup visions happen! One time I googled something to do with like Mac Makeup blue green look and her video, MAC Makeup: Blue Green Tropical Eyes came up so I said what the heck let me watch this and it was a great look! I absolutely adored it. So I definitely want to give a shout out to my girl RenRen. 

It's so funny that I never really wore makeup before until I started to get tight with my cousin/bestie from Sacramento. She is such a good makeup artist and she will soon be moving to Chicago to be with me! lol And because she wanted a change of scenery for awhile. Anyhoo, I was just thrown away at how good of an artist she is and all the wonders you could do with makeup! And just recently, late last year I started to wear foundation! Funny huh? I started with mineral makeup because I just wanted something that wouldn't be too much cover. Ugh
I just hate that caked on look but I just loved it. And now I'm just ready to make some new looks and review both high and low end brands. I always do search for those sales and bargains girlies!!!

A little bit about myself? Well I am a 20 year old Mexicana living in Chicago :) I am a third year university student and I really love school! I, of course do have those moments when I am just fed up with it all but I love learning from textbooks and just the people around me :) I am also an after school tutor for Chicago Public Schools and I love it! I love kids and I am planning on becoming a high school teacher while going to law school! So watch out in 10 years, I might be a famous lawyer! lol 

So I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear from you!!!! This will be a blog that we can interact and help each other grow. Please don't leave any hater comments or come on here to be a big meanie! There's no need for that. So let's be nice and grow together! :) 

Adios chicas!!!!


  1. hey chica! thanks for the shout out, i feel so honored :)

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