Wednesday, March 18, 2009

NYX Sale!

Sooo NYX is having a lot sale. 

The first item includes 5 NYX trios and 8 lip glosses with mega shine. The glosses are in some pretty weird colors lol. Like there are two purples and a black? lol Hmm... The colors are nice but I am more into bright colors so I skipped on this deal. But guess what?!? The retail price is $80 and the sale price is $16!!!! 

Item 2 is 30 lipstick shades for only 24 bucks! Hello! lol So that's less than a dollar a lipstick! The reason that I didn't get this is one is because some of the shades aren't really my thing. I was like eehhh about so many browns. I was thinking that I could buy them for the cute pinky colors and the nudes and sell the rest to my cousin but she was like iffy about them too and since I am on a budget, I just said no.

Item 3 is my favorite and the one that I got! Ok so you might not believe this 43 eye shadows for 43 bucks!!!! It has like mattes, frosts, shimmer, and some metallics... I liked the colors and I knew I couldn't pass up on this deal! 

Item 4 are 8 spray on body shimmers for $4.80. Meh I don't use those but it's still a good deal. 

So I bought the item and it was like 50 bucks with shipping. Shipping was like $9.50 or something. I said yikes! But it's probably because it might be heavier. But I will give an update when I get it :) 

So check it out! 

I should be studying but I'm on here lol. But I had to upload this entry before I forgot lol. I am going to the MAC store tomorrow and I need a new palette and I will only limit myself to ONE thing from the grand duo and the sugar sweet collections.

Adios Amigas!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Online Deals!!!

So I got like twenty emails last night and I have a few favorites:

Charlotte Russe is having 25% off except sales but hey it's cheap regardless :) I love that store!

March 17-19:
Bobbi Brown:
25% off plus free shipping with code INSTANT

Valid through March 21, 2009.
Buy 1 get one free eye makeup on select brands plus the famous $3.50 off of a $10+ purchase with code 29056 

March 16 -21, 2009 has a free shipping plus 30% off sale! with code FRIEND9....I picked up the new flawless face primer and it only came out to be about 20 bucks! Can't beat that :) 

Whoops! I almost forgot has the 96 eyeshadow palette back! Get it before it's gone again :) I wish I would have known that before I made my order on my magnets :/

Plus Vanessa over at has a special for you ladies! 

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Welcome Amigas!!!!

Hello amigas!!!!

So this is my first official post and I'm so excited to start this blog and meet new people on here! I am really open to new things and I hope to grow as a person and a makeup lover on here! The funny thing is that the way that I got into looking into makeup blogs and websites was through Makeup by RenRen. That girl can do makeup! And she just seems like a true makeup artist with great ideas and the skills to make those makeup visions happen! One time I googled something to do with like Mac Makeup blue green look and her video, MAC Makeup: Blue Green Tropical Eyes came up so I said what the heck let me watch this and it was a great look! I absolutely adored it. So I definitely want to give a shout out to my girl RenRen. 

It's so funny that I never really wore makeup before until I started to get tight with my cousin/bestie from Sacramento. She is such a good makeup artist and she will soon be moving to Chicago to be with me! lol And because she wanted a change of scenery for awhile. Anyhoo, I was just thrown away at how good of an artist she is and all the wonders you could do with makeup! And just recently, late last year I started to wear foundation! Funny huh? I started with mineral makeup because I just wanted something that wouldn't be too much cover. Ugh
I just hate that caked on look but I just loved it. And now I'm just ready to make some new looks and review both high and low end brands. I always do search for those sales and bargains girlies!!!

A little bit about myself? Well I am a 20 year old Mexicana living in Chicago :) I am a third year university student and I really love school! I, of course do have those moments when I am just fed up with it all but I love learning from textbooks and just the people around me :) I am also an after school tutor for Chicago Public Schools and I love it! I love kids and I am planning on becoming a high school teacher while going to law school! So watch out in 10 years, I might be a famous lawyer! lol 

So I hope you enjoy my blog and I would love to hear from you!!!! This will be a blog that we can interact and help each other grow. Please don't leave any hater comments or come on here to be a big meanie! There's no need for that. So let's be nice and grow together! :) 

Adios chicas!!!!